2018 Athens Theatre Holiday Bulb


The Athens Theatre - A Wonderful Community Landmark, has partnered with The House Next Door to create a Limited Edition 2018 Christmas Ornament.

These Limited Edition Ornaments are $15.00 each (plus $4.99 for s/h if ordered online). They can be purchased online or they are currently available, at "Pretty Little Things", "S.O. New York", "Dick & Jane's" in downtown DeLand and at the Athens Theatre during show times. "Lace and Accessories" will have them at the end of the month.

Just $15.00 + $4.99 shipping!

We also have a limited number of bulb sets. The set includes 3 bulbs: The 2018 Athens Theatre Bulb, The 2017 Deland Wings Bulb and The House Next Door's 40th Anniversary Bulb.

These sets are not sold in local stores.

Just $50.00 + $4.99 shipping!