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Alpha/Beta Programs Brochure


What is The Alpha Program?

The Alpha Program is an alternative educational and counseling program designed to serve 4th and 5th-grade students having difficulties in the regular classroom setting. Alpha assesses and addresses risk factors in the children’s environment, which contribute to their problems.


The teachers and guidance counselors in the elementary schools make referrals to Alpha, based on knowledge of a child’s academic performance and behavior.


Students usually remain in the program for one school year. Alpha staff works with each child to develop individualized participation plans, which establish both academic and behavioral goals. Individual and group counseling, along with academic instruction are provided to meet these goals.


Parent involvement in Alpha is mandatory. Parents are required to meet with their child’s counselor a minimum of twice a month. Each family is encouraged to participate and show support to their child.


One of the many goals of the Alpha Program is to assist the student in taking responsibility for their behavior.

Positive reinforcement peer guidance and at-home strategies are utilized within the Program. If needed outside referrals may be required to meet the more specific needs of the students. Staff will discuss all academic and behavioral recommendations with the parents. No referrals will be made without the prior written consent of the parent.

Many students experience academic difficulties prior to entering the program. Alpha counselors will work closely with the classroom teacher to meet the specific learning styles of the student. Each student is pre and post-tested to measure progress.


The Alpha counselors are available to the students, parents and teachers throughout the year.

What is The Beta Program?

The Beta Program is an alternative educational and counseling program designed to serve 6th through 8th grades in Middle Schools. The Beta Program uses the same referral process and criteria as the Alpha Program.


The measurable results of these programs are significant. In the school year, 2008-2009 most schools saw a 100% increase in reading and math skills and behavioral levels. Most schools also had 100% of no delinquency involvement. These statistics prove that the programs are beneficial to the students and their families.



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