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Sexual Abuse Treatment Program (SATP)


The House Next Door is accepting referrals for the Sexual Assault Treatment Program (SATP), as of July 1, 2014.  This service assists individuals, both children and their non-offending caregivers, in effectively coping with the trauma of sexual assault. The precipitating event may be current, or one in the past that remains unresolved.

The Sexual Assault Treatment Program is jointly funded by the Office for Victims of Crime and Children’s Medical Services. 


The House Next Door has been providing family counseling and support services since 1975. Staff is trained to be welcoming and helpful. The therapy process recognizes individual and family culture, values, and goals, accommodates variations in lifestyles, with emphasis on healing, coping, and personal development.


The services are provided in DeLand at our primary Family Center facility.

DeLand Family Center

(386) 738-9169


For more information contact our SATP Program Coordinator at (386) 738-9169 x2112.

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