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Counseling Services


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Counseling Services at The House Next Door support personal growth and development during developmental stages of life and relationship transitions.  Our Counseling helps individuals and families cope with the stresses of daily living and manage psycho-social adjustments related to normal life cycle issues including: birth, aging, marriage, divorce, parenting, co-parenting, intergenerational conflict, loss, behavioral problems, adult, child, and family relations. In line with our agency’s stated objective to strengthen families, we participate in efforts to decipher problems, teach skills and stabilize family ties.  Therapy services can be provided in response to such issues as crisis, trauma, individual or family dysfunction, sexual or physical abuse, job loss, substance abuse, divorce, adoption, foster placement, depression, illness, grief and loss.


Counseling treatments vary according to the needs of the individual client and the  problems that need to be addressed.  The counseling staff is multi-disciplinary in training, licensing and orientation.  Emphasis is placed on using client and/or family strengths in developing an effective treatment plan.  In general, brief therapy models are used in individual, marital, family and group counseling.


Therapeutic groups are also designed and implemented to serve client needs and issues.  Some group focuses include self-esteem, social skills and parenting issues.


Therapy at The House Next Door recognizes individual and family values and goals, accommodates variation in lifestyles and emphasizes personal, development and situational change.  Interventions demonstrate respect for socio-cultural values, personal goals, lifestyle choices and complex family interactions.  Modalities vary according to the needs of the individual client and presenting problem and range from systemic family therapy, to a cognitive-behavioral approach to strength-based brief therapy.


The broad goal of the HND counseling services is to improve family functioning, relationship skills, and individual life skills.  Outcomes may focus on specific relationship skills such as parenting, stress management or conflict resolution.


HND has been providing family counseling and support services in Volusia County to residents with no private insurance and/or limited income since 1975.  The community has come to expect a warm, caring non-judgmental environment from knowledgeable and supportive staff.  Local colleges and universities vie to place their student interns with HND in order to ensure a comprehensive and valuable experience.


Counseling Services available for families, individuals, or couples.

Additional support includes Play Therapy.


For Counseling Services:

DeLand Service Site

114 S. Alabama Avenue

DeLand, Florida 32724

(386) 738-9169


For information regarding Trauma Therapy through our Sexual Abuse Treatment Program, please contact our SATP Program Coordinator at 386-738-9169 X2112.

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