Our History


The House Next Door began as a grassroots organization when several members of the area came together in the early 1970's with concerns about the emerging drug use among the youth in the community. It was incorporated in 1976. The mission of The House Next Door is to promote the healthy development of all people through enhanced family and community relationships.


The House Next Door a multi-faceted family resource center that was founded on, and implemented through, collaborative efforts of the secular and non-secular community.  The House Next Door was conceived by the First Presbyterian Church of DeLand and members of the local community.  The efforts of Dr. Hugh Ash and his congregation exemplified how the secular cooperating with the non-secular could work together for the good of the community.  The House Next Door is evidence that it is appropriated, that it is necessary and that it works.


The House Next Door continues to be a prevention based agency driven by the needs of the community. The House Next Door offers family counseling and programs to Flagler and Volusia counties.  Our mission; “The House Next Door nurtures and empowers families to help build stronger communities.”    As Ann Rogers Fox Grell, our first Executive Director put it, “As we strengthen the individual, we strengthen the family.  "As we strengthen the family, we strengthen the community."


The House Next Door has served more than 50,000 families since 1976, assisting parents in retaining, or in many cases achieving for the first time, strong positive parental leadership and respectful relationships within the family. The programs at The House Next Door serve children in school, the community and their home.


The prevention programs at The House Next Door are based on two models: 1) broad based prevention utilizing parent education, leadership opportunities and drug free alternatives, and 2) targeted prevention for high risk youth with strategies to impact the home, school success, peers and community behavior. Addressing the risk factors and protective factors as identified by David Hawkins is the foundation of every program and the full and active participation of parents is mandatory. The core component of all House Next Door programs is individual and family counseling to strengthen the family unit.