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  • The agency provides comprehensive medical insurance coverage and pays for at least 86% of the employee's policy premium. The policy includes preventive care, primary care, diagnostic testing, medications and medical equipment as well inpatient care. Employees have a choice between enrolling in the HMO or selecting a POS plan.

  • For staff who are out on FMLA we continue to pay your health insurance premium.

  • We want you to become the healthiest version of yourself. To assist in that, gym membership is included in the health care plan. Employees can use any of the participating gyms throughout the County, including the YMCA.

  • Employees are able to enroll in additional AFLAC coverage to meet their needs.

  • All staff complete a Wellness Plan on hire and update it annually. Two of the components of the plan are Physical Wellness and Emotional Wellness to assist employees in maintaining their health. There are weekly check ins on your wellness.

  • We recognize that sometimes the day is long and encourage staff to flex time out within the week to recharge themselves and keep the work and home life in balance.

  • Whether you're donating money or time, giving promotes happiness, draws us closer to others, and strengthens empathy. At The HND, we appreciate our staff volunteering and/or participating at HND events and fundraisers, helping the agency in the community. Our annual United Way campaign provides the opportunity to donate to UW through a payroll deduction.

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