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We value our staff and understand the importance of caring for yourself and having time to renew yourself. To that end we have a generous leave program. Scheduled time out of the office may be used as a 'mental health day', vacation time, sick time, to care for someone else or anything else you want. The Paid Time Off benefits are customized to each area. Please see below.

· In an effort to support employees through a time of crisis, staff may donate their PTO time to another staff member who is in extraordinary need and is out of paid leave time.

· We have created a Disability Pool for use during an extended leave such as hospitalization, maternity leave, care of a sick family member, extended sick or bereavement leave. Ten percent of any unused PTO in excess of 160 hours on December 31st rolls over into your Disability Pool.

· The agency closes for a summer break during the week of July 4th.  All staff are paid for this week without having to use any of their Paid Time Off.

· We offer Family Medical Leave for all employees who qualify based on the Federal Standards.This is up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave.

· Special leave with pay may be granted under unusual circumstances to cover an absence not appropriately chargeable to sick leave or annual leave. Examples are:

  • Jury Duty

  • Subpoenaed Leave

Professional Development:

· We support young families in a number of ways.

· We provide a 50% rate reduction at The Little House Next Door for our employees. This is a limited benefit on a first come first served basis as well as having an opening in the age specific room.

· We provide comfortable, private areas at all our sites for nursing mothers.

· We encourage employees to utilize PTO time or flex their schedules to attend school functions and field trips.

· As the duties of the job allow, parents may bring young babies to work with them.


Benefits by Areas:

· Therapy, CARES & Parenting are able to provide telehealth from home in some instances as well as work flexible hours.


. Telework available in some programs. 


· WVHA, Administration & CCFP work 8a-5p Monday - Thursday and 8a- 2p on Fridays.


· Alpha follows the Volusia County School Board schedule for holidays, teacher days, and summer break.


· Little House Next Door staff have the option of working (4) 10 hour days. 

· Paid Time Off and paid holidays 

· The House Next Door recognizes paid time off is an important part of balancing a fulfilling work and personal life. We encourage our staff to take their PTO to recharge and take time for themselves.

· The paid time off benefits The House Next Door provides to full time staff, except for Alpha and the Little House Next Door are:

        ·120 hours of paid time off in your first year of employment

        ·200 hours for years 2 through 5

        ·225 hours for years 6 through 10

        ·240 hours after 11 plus years of employment

        ·HND staff receive 10 paid holidays per year

        LHND PTO accrual for full time staff:

        ·Year 1--11 days

        ·Year 2--12 days

        ·Year 3--13 days

        ·Year 4--14 days

        ·Year 5--15 days

        ·Year 6--16 days

        ·Year 7--17 days

        ·Year 8--18 days

        ·Year 9--19 days

        ·Year 10+--20 days


        ·LHND has a week of paid time off the week between Christmas and New Years

        ·8 paid holidays per year

        School Based Staff:

        40 Hour Week Employees:


· Alpha accrues 2.19 hours per pay at 22 pay periods/year. They will not accrue PTO time during summer break. They start out the school year with 4 days (32 hours of PTO) and will accrue 6 additional days (48 hours of PTO) at the 2.19 per pay rate. They receive 80 hours per school year in PTO, along with the below:


· In days At begin of school year 4 days to accrue up to 10 to be used for personal leave time during the school year. Two days may be carried over up to 4 days (capped at 4 days across the duration of employment).


· Paid School Breaks Include:

  • Thanksgiving Break

  • Winter Break

  • Spring Break

  • Summer Break


· Follows Volusia County School System Holidays

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